About The Business

A Place In Time Photography is located in beautiful Maui, HI and offers a variety of services to a broad base of clientele.  The motivation behind the business, in a nutshell, is to be able to give back as much as possible both within the local community as well as internationally – especially when it comes to environmental protection, conservation and animal welfare.

As the Owner and Photographer, I have always been very passionate about being able to capture inspiring and candid moments through the lens.  Using either film or digital media allows me to preserve this little blip of time, this place or this event, to reflect back on for years to come.  Hence the development of the business name A Place In Time Photography.  This simple way of looking at things, a moment at a time, is how I like to approach all of my shoots, whether it be with your family, your wedding party or in your home.

By developing a comfortable setting for the shoot and connecting with my clients we can then work naturally together to take photos of you, at ease, for a more genuinely touching memory.  It is all of these small moments that then eventually culminate together to tie in the long term goal of the company.  At the very heart of it all, is the simple fact that the more people I am able to work with to help capture their own treasured memories, the more I will personally be able to give back to the rest of the community.

Giving back is a very broad term, and can be applied in many ways.  I specifically want to use my photographic and writing skills to travel both close to home and abroad to document and educate people about current environmental issues, natural disasters and animal welfare.  People can’t help if they don’t know where to start and hopefully with enough visual and written resources out there it will raise awareness, interest and dedication in others to see how they can help as well.

In addition to traveling and working personally at various sanctuaries, I also am very excited to be a member of 1% For the Planet.  This amazing organization is made up of business owners worldwide who are all looking to make a difference and start by donating a minimum of 1% of their annual revenue toward environmental and humanitarian non-profits around the globe.

Thank you for taking this moment of your time to learn more about me and what my company is about and I look forward to answering any questions you may have in hopes of working together in the future.

Click here to go to my website:  www.aplaceintimephotos.com

1 Response to About The Business

  1. Leanne Perrier says:

    Hi Jen!
    It was so nice to come across you blog today. I too am an avid animal lover and have been researching a trip to Africa. Quickly into my research I discovered the volunteer opportunities and got right to work reviewing the many options and oohing and ahhing over the sweet promotional photos. And then….I came across the Volunteers in Africa Beware FB page and life as I knew it changed in an instant. At 36 years old, I just finally understood the true meaning of “ignorance is bliss”. I was truly horrified and actually cried at the thought that I could have inadvertently supported these monsters. I wish I could “unsee” some of the photos I saw but am thankful that I am now aware of this tragic epidemic and can make a more informed decision. More recently, I have been looking at Shamwari Conservation Experience and feel this may be the right place for me. Due to work obligations, two week plus travel minimum and two very loving cats at home, I may need to travel solo (from Ontario, Canada) and leave my hubby at home to mind the house and kitties. I’m just looking for any further insight you can provide into your experience at the program (did it sufficiently satisfy your desire to see all the wonderful wildlife and landscapes of Africa, were the accommodations/food/etc. comfortable, did you get along with the other volunteers/staff/etc.). Also, I have some concerns with travelling to SA alone (probably due to inflated media reports) and wonder how you felt about your safety during the duration of your trip. Again, I appreciate any insight you may be able to provide. In reading your three part blog, I feel that we are very much on the “same page”.

    BTW – your trip photos are truly incredible. I may have to add a photography class to my to-do list before making the trip. LOL

    Thanks again Jen,


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